Thursday, February 18, 2010

New tools I have picked up.

Here is some new stuff I have picked up lately. Also, I wanted to post a new blog entry so as to keep my blopper spot active.

The 'tool' I have found lately is "delicious"; it is a utility that allows me to centralize all of my Favorites into one location.

Another 'tool' I have been introduced to is "dropbox", a place (actually some cyberserver) that allow me to upload files to the web from any computer that has Dropbox installed and then download them to any other computer that also has Dropbox installed. This seems to be like Goggle docs, but may be simplier to use. I don't know as I have yet to really use it.

Also another graphic 'tool' is Voki. It is a graphic that you create a cartoon avitar and it speaks for you, possibly explaining a lesson, email, directions, .... The narriation is limited to 60 seconds which is usually plenty of time to get a point across,

Thats all for now.

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